Karina Sher - Artist Manager

Paula Nelson - Artist Manager


Ragebreed have started a rosta for artist and band management which will be a 12 month plan on a 1 year basis for all bands to help them achieve their goals by allocating a manager that will deal with the following:  

Artist Management:

  • What do our artist managers do on a monthly basis?

  • Booking band practices
  • Replying to any incoming mail and sending out monthly e-mails and updates on mailing list
  • Making sure social media/web is updated monthly
  • Band query resolution
  • Negotiating a band wish list between manager and artist which compromises of their goals and objectives 
  • I year monthly plan for the band to achieve their goals and helping them achieve it
  • Motivating the band to succeed with advice and to deliver the best of their ability
  • Being the point of contact for the band for external promoters, booking agents, venues and media 
  • Liaising with booking agent to confirm gigs (this doesn't apply if the artist manager is also booking agent for the band)
  • Sending back weekly and monthly reports to MD and point of contact for the band to monitor progress
  • We can also accommodate the package to suit the band, for example one item they don't want us to do but more of another etc

  • What is the process?:

  • We will send you all the information via e-mail, have a read.  If you are happy with everything, fill the forms and send back to us
  • Once we have set you up as a client we will then allocate an artist manager to you who will call you and introduce herself/himself
  • We will then send you a welcome pace which compromises of a Ragebreed Band Wish List and contact details of your artist                  manager
  • Once the band have considered what goals and objectives they want for the year, they will send this back to their artist manager
  • The artist manager will then devise a plan for the band which will compromise of a monthly plan for 12 months 
  • Each week the artist manager will send a weekly report to the artist and the MD to confirm what work has been carried out and              outcome
  • Each month the artist manager will let you know what targets have been met and what challenges are being faced 
  • The artist manager will then give you monthly feedback and the artist will also respond to this feedback and see what can be done.
  • At the end of the 12 months, the artist can review the contract or go somewhere else. 
  • If the band get signed and will get a record deal where management is included, there will be a negotiation fee to opt out of the              contract which can be discussed in the event this happens. 

Option 1: £50 a month via direct debit

Between 5 members £10 a month each which is £2.50 a week roughly per member

Option 2: £500 one off payment (make a saving of £100 per year)

  • Covers fees for time
  • Covers fees for the yearly planning and management of band
  • Covers fees for administration and phone calls

Option 3: 3 part payment of £200 in installments

  • 3 installments of £200 each

Please note:

  • All income from the band when it comes to merchandise, online downloads or CD sales is their own
  • All gig fees given to the band is their own unless the artist manager acts as the booking agent also but this fee would be added onto      the band fee to send to the venue and promoter as a commission invoice to secure booking. 
  • If the band get signed to a label and have their own in-house management and reach their desired goal, we would negotiate a fee        with the label and then you would be free to go.

If you are interested in being managed, please request the information from: bookings_ragebreed@hotmail.co.uk 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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