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Okay so mid March we selected DOWN IN ONE to be our first BAND OF THE MONTH for RAGEBREED CLUB NIGHT on 13.03.2014.  The track went down really well and I sent them an interview to find out a bit more about the band in general.  This was the response...enjoy!

Where did the inspiration come to form the band and why?

Gon: I met Jonny through work and quickly realized we had a mutual interest in loud metal and drinking. He asked me to join his then band as vocalist, which unfortunately fell through when the other guitarist disappeared to Australia. Undeterred, we decided to rethink what we wanted to do genre wise and came up with some of the early songs on the Bittersweet Remedy EP.

The why is easy, we absolutely love loud metal and playing music!

Jonny: Also drinking copious amounts of alcohol!

Jimmy: Me and Gon have known each other a while and we used to be in another band together a few years back. Down In One were looking for a drummer so I went along to jam and I think we all realized we were on the same page and I think we had a whole song done in that first practice session. I was in the band that night.

Who decided on the name or was it a collective effort?

Gon: I think it was Jonny? Pretty certain we were out in town and Jonny ran in and yelled "Guys I've got it - Down In One! 'cos y'know, drinking!"

Jonny: Pretty much spot on. I'm convinced I was drunk at the time!

Gon: Apparently all our important decisions have been made while under the influence...

What bands do you draw inspiration from?

In general we draw inspiration from classic rock and metal bands like Pantera, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy. We also love Mastodon and Black Label Society.

Jonny: Guitarist wise my influences range from the classic guitar legends like David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler and Billy Gibbons to metal masters such as Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde

Gon: Personally I'm influenced heavily by Chris Cornell and Robb Flynn, as well as by a lot of stuff outside of rock and metal like Aesop Rock and Caro Emerald.

Rich: Ken Kasey, Jason Newstead and Oliver Riedel are the main influences behind my bass.

Jimmy: My main influences are Vinnie Paul, Taylor Hawkins and Mikkey Dee, I just love how hard they play but keep it all together. I aspire to perform as well as play and to me no one does that better than Arejay Hale from Halestorm, he plays hard and he puts on a hell of a show. I always approach song writing with my all time idol, Chris Adler, everything he plays is perfect for the song. He knows exactly what beat can bring a song together and his cymbal work is second to none.

How long were you in the studio for?

Gon: About a month I think. The four tracks didn't take too long, especially when we were working with the production genius that is Mr. H.

Even so, we did have a slight delay. We decided to celebrate after the first day of recording and got utterly wasted that evening, while forgetting we had guitars to record the next day. Needless to say, we redid those initial guitar tracks.

What is your favorite track on the EP?

Jonny: My personal favourite is probably The Call as it's just a powerhouse of a song from start to finish. That said I love and am proud of them all.

Rich: For me it's Golden Ashes.

Gon: Man, it's really hard to choose! The lyrics of Lost Demons and Golden Ashes both mean a lot to me personally, The Call is just epic and Dumpster Motel tells the story of a very amusing night I once had. They're all my favourites I guess!

Jimmy: I have to go with Jonny on this one, The Call is just unrelenting and I’m very proud of my writing on that one. It’s also at the perfect tempo to headbang behind the kit and I can just lose my shit while I’m playing.

What gigs have you got coming up?

We've got three coming up in Nottingham, we're at the Old Angel on the 18th April supporting Line of Fire, Master Charger and Abomination Federation, the Tap 'N' Tumbler with Cairo Son on the 21st May and we're headlining the Old Sal on the 28th May.

We're also massively excited to be playing Rock and Bike Fest at Carnfield Hall on the 17th July.

What bands would you love to tour with/gig with?

Jonny: I'd love to tour with Mastodon, those guys know how to party!

Gon: There are too many bands to name! But off the top of my head I'd love to gig with Black Label Society. Drinking with them would be a challenge I'd be up for.

Jimmy: I’d love to gig with Black Stone Cherry, Down and Hellyeah, I think we’d go down a storm with their fans.

What city are you based in and what has the support been like?

We're all from good 'ol Nottingham. Honestly the support here has been amazing, there are a lot of local promoters here who've been massively nice to us and have been utterly awesome to work with.

What are your other hobbies as individuals apart from music?

Gon: I used to train and compete Muay Thai heavily before my life got a bit too hectic, I'm dying to get back into training and fighting. Other than music my big loves are whisky, gym, cooking and motorbikes.

Jonny: Motorbikes are pretty much my main love outside of the band. I'm a Harley Davidson Technician by day and have been riding for over 10 years now. I also love to travel as much as possible and spent some time out travelling the world a few years back. I'm also pretty into my phys and obviously drinking is also pretty up there on my fun list!

Rich: I enjoy learning new instruments, discovering new musical tastes and going to movies.

Jimmy: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ve gotta go with motorbikes. Motorbikes and Rock and Roll man, they go together perfectly.

A few of you came down to our RAGEBREED CLUB NIGHT, what did you think of the night and how was your track was received?

Gon: I loved it! Had an awesome time. An outside smoking area that plays metal? Fuck yeah! Anywhere that belts out so many classic rock/metal songs after classic rock/metal song is a place I want to be!  Apart from our track accidentally breaking the music system (again, so sorry about that!) I think we had a great response! I saw a lot of people headbanging along, which is just what we want.

What are your goals for the band?

Gon: Nothing short of world domination! But kidding aside, my dream is to live off something I'm massively passionate about, which for me is vocals.

Rich: I just want to make a difference in music, I want to bring heavy metal back to the same standard as the 80's.

What has been the best moment for Down In One so far?

Gon: We've had a lot of fun times already, but the moment that sticks out for me was when we were invited down to London to play the Big Red by our mate Mags in Cairo Son. Rich's uncle kindly agreed to take us all down in his spectacular modified Chevy V8 van. We made a beeline for the nearest rock pub we could find, messed about in Camden market, had a brilliant response from the crowd and then got utterly wasted afterwards. Couldn't have asked for a better day!

Jimmy: I’ve never felt more rock ‘n’ roll than that day. It was an incredible experience to get that reaction from an audience from a completely different city who will not have heard of us at that point.

What bands are you guys listening to currently?

Gon: As the rest of the guys will tell you, I basically love all music! Embarrassingly for a metal frontman I've been listening to a lot of hip hop, swing, jazz and some weird electro stuff. I also recently bought Papa Roach's new album F.E.A.R., which is utterly killer!

Jonny: My musical tastes are also pretty varied and I think it's great to be in a band that has such a wide range of influences. That said, recently i've been listening to a lot of Black Tusk and Mastodon. I'm basically a huge fan of dirty angry riffage!

Rich: My playlist has been full of Muddy Waters, Rammstein, Cancer Bats, Bouncing Souls and Alkaline Trio lately.

Jimmy: I’ve been listening to a lot of Djent recently. I just love the way the guitars and drums play off each other, think Hacktivist, Monuments and 

Meshuggah. It gets my head bobbing everytime.

If you got offered to perform at our RAGEFEST EVENT end of the year why do you think you would go down well?

Gon: From what I heard being played at RAGEBREED it seems you guys love straight up, loud as hell, get up and headbang metal and well, that's what we are!

Lastly, what message do you have for your fans?

We love the support you guys give us, we love when you come to our shows and headbang, hell, we love the simple fact that you guys enjoy our music! Keep being so awesome!  And also, look out for the release of our two new tracks Mad Gun and Elena soon!

If you want to take part in our BAND OF THE MONTH for the next RAGEBREED CLUB NIGHT on Friday 10th April 2014 at VENOM NIGHTCLUB, LEICESTER, ENGLAND, please send us a link to your page where we can hear your music to bookings_ragebreed@hotmail.co.uk or karina_ragebreed@hotmail.com

To listen to the tracks of DOWN IN ONE, please click here


"Down In One was born from a common desire to play loud, party hard and decimate eardrums with groovy, sludgy, heavy metal. We take no shortcuts in crafting our special, old time blend of dirty vocals, filthy riffs, pounding bass and unrelenting drums to get you up and banging your head.

We at Down In One are proud to release our first signature blend; "The Bittersweet Remedy EP", a meticulously crafted, beat by beat mellowed showcase of our sound and talents. Combined with high octane, explosive live shows, we hope to be a tidal wave of loud riffs, dirty beats and heavy goddamn metal.


Vocals: Gon.

Guitar: Jonny.

Bass: Rich.

Drums: Jimmy.




REVIEW: by Karina Sher

Down In One are an up and coming four piece from Nottingham that create dirgy and dirty heavy metal that are bound to get your heads nodding with the catchy riffs with great vocal style with elements of stoner rock added in for good measure.  These guys have produced a great debut EP demo with tracks such as The Call and Dumpster Motel. Melody and groove that has great breakdowns, well written songs, the vocals reel you in and spit you out.  You feel comfortable and laid back with the songs.  It's not too concise but wild and untamed which provokes the soul of heavy metal. To conclude, it's a good dynamic EP, fuelled with devil horns, drinking and a care free attitude. What more could you want? 8/10