Reviews of Ragebreed Club Night, Leicester


"People often bewail the lack of decent rock nights in Leicester, but fear not! Ragebreed are back with a monthly night at Venom and it is already proving to be a great success since it launched in March of this year." - Extreme Housewifery


"Great atmosphere, reasonable drinks prices, nice to have a venue that has comfortable seating downstairs, DJs are on the ball, Good mix of underground, mainstream and variety of sub genres. People are friendly, bar staff are nice and plenty of decent metal and rock 

orientated music which is good to see. It's absolutely worth going once a month" - 9.5/10 Independant Sound


"You will never really understand what it's like to recapture the vibe that you found in the nineties growing up but balancing it up with a modern edge, nice to see a great variety of age range and seeing the kids mosh out to something heavier than the usual. Great club night and excited for the next one. Keep doing what you are doing, you are doing it right Ragebreed!" - 5/5 Dean Smith, Metal 4 Ever UK


"A club night that has brought back the leftovers of nines Rock City and added their unique styles giving us change and taste every month including celebrity signings and DJ appearances.

"It takes effort and motivation" says Karina Sher, vocalist of UK female fronted band Mindlapse (HTT records) and new project Lake Of Dreams. This woman means business, with a visible passion for music, she not only sometimes DJs the night but as a published poet, and owner of Ragebreed Ltd, she remains confident and reassuring during the interview. "We believe that if our punters help us spread the word we do VIP cards that act as a groupon so invite your friends to our event on Facebook and become part of our team and you get in half price, or you buy a card on the site for £5. Punters also have the opportunity to get in free or make commission. We like the help the rock and metal scene and so the cards will also discount you to other nights so everyone can come to our night monthly among other nights on. We promote ourselves as being unique in how we do things and believe the scene as a whole should be a united effort. It serves us as a business and it serves the venues and promoters in Leicester. Where there is peace and freedom to do what you want, we get rid of the segregation and divide because at the end of the day, it should be about the music and no one should get left behind."

It is obvious Karina knows exactly what she is doing when she explains what kind of the things the night has experimented with and it's clear that even with her technique, some still have some resistance to how she does things she tells me and some do not.

"You will never please everyone, there will always be people that want to be involved in the decision making but they haven't run this since 1996 nor had the experience but I am a believer in listening to ideas but I think unless you have worked your ass off in a very fickle industry, you don't know. I am a believer in trying what works and we still have hit progress over the summer. Some floors do better than others and due to complications with the council on the outdoor terrace, we no longer can open it up to the public but we still have two great floors and we have combined a few ideas for them both over the Summer. We want to keep the club night fresh and exciting. We want to keep the punters happy but so far so good. It's been enjoyable and the areas that need attention, I shall be working on keeping motivated and delivering my best for Leicester."

During the night, I felt as if it ticked all the boxes in terms of music, friendly people, all ages. Even better seeing the director herself be the photographer was a beautiful thing. It's nice to see the boss doing the ground work sometimes and it has to be said, some of the team including herself that work for Ragebreed are vibrant and beautiful inside and out after speaking to a few and very passionate about what she does. Well a night throughly enjoyed, great beer even had Trooper in which is something I have wanted to try for a while plus the JD special which was great for £3 (inclusive of mixer), you can't go wrong with that. Met a lot of new people, listened to some great music and throughly enjoyed the windmillathon. Take me to the paradise city and Ragebreed Club Night is it. 9/10

Sebastian Russell, Fireball Metal